Top 6 Universities Offering Online Accounting Degree

Top 6 Universities Offering Online Accounting Degree

Nowadays, there are multiple online accounting degree programs that can be availed from the multiple universities. A student after completing the studies can look forward to a career as payroll clerks, bookkeepers, tax preparers or accounting clerks. The study covers the fundamentals of the accounting field, and they are most often consists of several courses or lessons. A diploma in high school or its equivalent is the basic qualifying criteria for enrolling and these often require a year for the completion.

Associate’s Programs

The time required for the associate degree completion is two years. The students in these courses will learn skills that are necessary for maintaining the records of finance as well as the creation. Apart from this, they will be analyzing the financial reports especially related to the loss and profit, tax implications, liabilities, and assets. Auditing clerks, bookkeepers, and accounting clerks are the jobs for which the students can target from this qualification.

Bachelor’s Programs – Accounting Degree

About 120 hours are involved in earning the online bachelor’s degree, and it mainly requires four years for the completion. The students are required to present the prerequisite credentials before admitting themselves to the schools, and this mainly depends on the institute they are admitting for. If the aim to become taxation specialists, accountants, financial advisors or auditors, then this is the right choice.

Master’s Programs

If you are opting for the distance learning program on masters’ level, the candidates would require a bachelor’s degree in the accounting field or the related field. These courses are of two years, and they are mainly designed keeping the working professional in the mind who wishes to advance their career in managerial or executive positions. In some of the institutes, the candidate is required in-person to complete the formalities.

Professional Programs of Certificate

An accountant who desires to advance his/her career in management is required to select the professional certified management accountant (CMA) course. The online certificate program improves the candidates’ performance and he/she can more likely to pass the exams. These are carved from the Institute of Management Accountants’ (IMA) CMA exam. Business economics, organizational management, strategic planning and budget preparation are the four parts of CMA exam, and these are outlined by IMA.

Top 8 Universities That Offer The Accounting Degree Online At Free

Study the accounting course from the free courses that are offered online. Go through the list of the financial and accounting programs and then choose the right one for you.

1. Information On Free Online Accounting Courses

Though all the courses cover the same study material similar to the credit-bearing colleges but online students will not earn the college credit after the completion. These courses are free of cost, but the students are required to buy the textbooks and other materials of reading to take the advantage of the course. You can even make use of the mp3 players or the specific software related to the education such as Adobe Acrobat, and more are required to be purchased for the larger benefit.

2. Indiana University

Under the environment of business and accounting, the course is designed along with good number aspects that include liabilities, budgeting, and financial statements. The classroom lecture videos can be downloaded and then learned in the private time. The videos would last for about thirty minutes to one hour. You won’t require any textbook or any other type of additional material to understand the syllabus.

3. Kutztown University Of Pennsylvania

The video and audio’s with slides teach the owners of small business about the financial records and their maintenance in general. Development of Loss and Profit statement in a video or audio format is done at the Kutztown’s Small Business Development Center, and that includes examines calculations, multi-step format, and single-step format.  Some of the other attributes offered by the Development Center includes creation of balance sheet using the video and audio, investigation of liabilities related to a worksheet, owners’ balance sheets, and equity. The cash budget program teaches the users about the budget creation by utilizing the accrual or cash method, inspects the incoming money, maintenance of cash reserves. One can have the worksheets and glossary for the entire course.

4. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Here, the students can download the PDF’s of notes and then obtain the questions of an exam in three of these accounting courses. The Managerial and Financial Accounting is an undergraduate course that teaches how to understand, read and develop financial statements. A good number of textbooks are recommended for the supplemental readings where they can access the solutions and the sets. In the course of financial accounting, the students are allowed to analyze the financial information as well as the reports. Te course material of the graduation includes the solutions in combination with the recitations.

5. New Jersey Institute Of Technology

A course called Acct 615 will provide the basic concepts of accounts and the managers skill in utilizing these principles to decrease the costs while maximizing the efficiency and profit. In all the 17 lectures, various topics have been covered that includes money flow statements, transfer pricing, and decision making.

6. The Open University

The university provides the course solutions in written format for online modules and also allows the students to explore the subtle topics. No other course materials or additional support is required. The cadres of the Context of Accounting will take the good look over the basics of the accounting. The accounting regulation verifies the reporting of the finance from the origins to the present day function. In the category of investment risk, the students get to learn about the financial risk, computation of the risk factors and even the consideration of the investors’ aversion.